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Summer 2009

State Announces New Vaccination Requirements

Earlier this year, the Texas Department of State Health Services announced new rules for school immunization requirements.


It’s the Quality – not Quantity – that Counts!

Do not despair over your children's nutritional shortcomings. The biggest problem most kids have is not lack of nutrients. Instead, it's an overload of calories.


Swim Safely this Summer!

With summer in full swing, Central Texas children are flocking to area swimming pools.

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Free Program Teaches Diabetes Prevention

The exciting “Healthy Kids” program offers free diabetes-prevention classes for children ages 5-18 who are overweight or who have other risk factors for developing diabetes. Families who attend will receive information about healthy food choices, benefits of exercise and the importance of choosing a healthier lifestyle to prevent diabetes. Snacks and amazing prizes are also provided!

The program is FREE, but registration is required. Classes are available in English and Spanish, and are held at various locations around Austin including the
East Communities YMCA, Rosewood-Zaragosa Clinic,
Seton Kozmetsky Clinic,
Seton McCarthy Clinic and Seton Topfer Clinic.

Please call
(512) 324-4911
for more information
or to register.

Having Fun this Summer with Asthma

Every season has its own special hazards for people with asthma – and summer is no exception. Ozone alerts, forest fire smoke, and wind-blown tree and plant pollens can trigger asthma attacks. Even people with mild asthma can experience asthma attacks severe enough to send them to the emergency department.

To ensure your asthma doesn't result in a visit to the emergency department, the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology recommends taking the following precautions:

  • Avoid asthma triggers.
  • Take your controller medications.
  • Warm up before starting strenuous activity – and gradually cool down afterward.
  • Be aware of environmental changes.
  • Manage allergies with a physician.

For more information, contact Seton’s Asthma Center at 324-2762.

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