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Sticks and Stones... Identifying and Responding to Bullying Behaviors

Almost everyone remembers a kid in school who teased and picked on other people. But when does that type of behavior cross the line into bullying?


Moving from Pyramid to Plate

Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture introduced a new graphic called My Plate intended to aid individuals and families in making healthier choices at meal time.

From food Pyramid to Plate

Choose Drinks Wisely

We want our kids to eat well, but what they are drinking is just as important to their wellbeing. Health professionals continue to stress that water and low-fat or fat-free milk are the most nutritious drink choices for kids.

Choose Drinks wisely

It's That Time of Year Again — Flu Season

According to Dr. Pat Crocker, medical director for Dell Children's Medical Center Emergency Department, it's too early to predict how severe the coming flu season will be – but it's the perfect time to get an influenza vaccination and avoid the virus this coming winter.


Update Your Child's Asthma Action Plan

If you are a parent of a child who has asthma then you should know the importance of having a copy of an updated asthma action plan at your child's school.

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Free Program Teaches Diabetes Prevention

The "Healthy Kids" program offers free diabetes-prevention classes for children ages five to 18 who are overweight or who have other risk factors for developing diabetes. Families who attend will receive information about healthy food choices, benefits of exercise and the importance of choosing a healthier lifestyle to prevent diabetes. Snacks and amazing prizes are also provided!

The program is FREE, but registration is required. Available in English and Spanish, classes are held at various locations around Austin including the East Communities YMCA, Rosewood-Zaragosa Clinic, Seton Kozmetsky Clinic, Seton McCarthy Clinic and Seton Topfer Clinic.

Please call
(512) 324-4911
for more information
or to register.

Good Health for Kids is produced by Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas.
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