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Buckle Up With Vaccines


With diseases like small pox and polio almost non-existent in the United States, we may take for granted the value of regular vaccinations. Without vaccines, we stand the chance of contracting diseases that may be mild, require hospitalization or be fatal.

The effectiveness of vaccines cannot be disputed. They prevent a variety of diseases by creating immunity to them. Vaccines are one of the most effective ways to keep kids healthy and safe.

By keeping our children's vaccines current, we protect them and our entire community. This makes everyone healthier. As parents, get your annual flu shot and stay current on your Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) booster which is recommended every 10 years.

Kids Afraid of Getting Shots?

“It’s like riding in a car,” said Dr. Stephen Pont, MPH, FAAP, pediatrician and medical director, Texas Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity. “Your child may not want to wear a seat belt, but they need to wear it. The same applies to getting their shots. It’s not something they want, but as a parent we require it as something they need.”

Dr. Pont encourages parents to know their child and whether or not they benefit from knowing about the injection in advance. Also, he offers his children simple rewards to help them celebrate being brave, such as: a play date with a friend, picking out a small toy or staying up later than usual.

Clinicians have access to smaller and smaller needles today. Many times the patient won’t feel the prick, just a tingling sensation afterward. If your child is especially sensitive, some clinics may offer numbing cream to help the child psychologically.


Centers for Disease Control Recommended Immunization Schedule

Buckle Up With Vaccines

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